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Safe Money Strategies

Wealth Preservation/ Safe Money Strategies

People have lost half of their life’s savings in the stock market twice in the last 14 years. As a result, many retirees have decided that they are not willing to place as much trust in the stock market as they did during their working years. The only safe alternative most people are aware of today, however, is to go to the local bank and put the money into a CD paying 0.8%. To most people this is not very attractive. We work with our clients to find ways to safely average 4-8% without risk of loss. Is that even possible? We can show you how. This type of planning also includes protecting money from nursing home expenses, minimizing taxes, and bypassing the costs and time of probate.

Wealth Management

Many people in retirement do feel comfortable with a certain level of stock market exposure…maybe not as much as they had during their working years, but they do see the market as being a part of their investment lives indefinitely.

For clients comfortable with the markets, we work closely with our investment team to build custom portfolios. We can utilize anything from low cost exchange traded funds, to custom stock and bond portfolios. We also have a number of alternative strategies available in certain circumstances for clients with unique goals and needs. As an independent firm we are free to choose from the entire world of investment options available without the burden of corporate management agendas and without putting the interests of stockholders over clients.

For this type of planning we use a fee only approach. In other words, a flat annual fee rather than compensation for transactions (like a stock broker). With our managed portfolios, there are no financial incentives for buying and selling investments within the portfolio. We use a flat fee, expressed as a percentage of the account, and the fee varies depending on the types of investments we use. This fee structure ensures everyone is motivated by the same thing…to grow the portfolio. Transactions are never made other than for the good of the portfolio. We feel this is the best way for us to uphold our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Income Planning

It has become very clear that one of the biggest fear retirees have today is the fear of potentially outliving their money. Between people living longer, and the recent volatility in the market and economy, it is a very real concern.

Traditionally people would invest their life’s savings in a portfolio of stocks and bonds, hoping to earn enough on their money to be able to withdraw enough to live on and keep pace with inflation. Brokerage firms have backed up the use of this strategy with statistics going back over the last 100 years showing this as the best approach to use.

Well, times have changed. The whole financial world has been turned upside down over the last few years, and,assuming the strategies that worked in the past would continue, has hurt millions of people.

Our philosophy, when it comes to the security of retirement income, is to replace these ASSUMPTIONS with GUARANTEES*. There are strategies available today that can guarantee** a growth rate before income is needed (6-8% per year), guarantee** an income you cannot outlive, and the ability to guarantee*** your income grows over time to battle inflation. This type of Income Planning, combined with our Safe Money Strategies, and our Wealth Management techniques, can help position you to be able to sleep through whatever economic challenges lie ahead.